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As we enter the year 2021, I am aware that there is a skyrocketing need to support people in our new landscape of global pandemic and all the different ways it is impacting individuals, families and communities.


I feel blessed to be on the front lines helping individuals, couples, parents and families navigate this most incredible time. While I had some concern about working 100% in a telehealth format and so did my patients, I have found that our virtual sessions give me/us material to work with that we might not have identified otherwise.


My work energizes and inspires me and the events of the last year have left me feeling even more rooted in my career as a psychotherapist.


A portion of my practice is dedicated to families adjusting to and living with an epilepsy diagnosis.  To learn more about this work, click here.


As of March 2020, I am working with patients virtually through the zoom platform. If you have been a patient of mine in the past and are looking for short term, brief support, you are welcome to email me as I may have an opening for brief work. If you are a parent looking for LAB Method support, I am able to offer 2-4 sessions.  As of January, 2021, my practice is full to new patients.

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Photo by Jennifer Skinner