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I love working with individuals and the opportunity to focus one on one.


I help individuals slow down and listen to what they are sensing, thinking and feeling. This process grows self awareness and often helps people become more clear about what they are needing and longing for.   


I am described as being "empathically fierce" and rely on this skill to build safety, trust and a therapeutic relationship that supports a person's journey toward peace, harmony, self acceptance, and love.



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Many times love is being sent and partners are unaware and miss these moments. 


Beginning in the first session, I give couples a new experience and guide them to first remember what they love, admire, respect about their partner.


As partners reconnect to the parts of their partner they love and adore, we begin the journey to learn together what they are missing and longing for.  





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Families living in Marin County are facing a crisis of addiction, perfectionism and pressure to 'keep up'. Drawing on the framework and principles of The LAB Method, I take the reins quickly with the families I work with guiding them out of stuck places and into more flow and ease. I listen closely to each person's complaints and help one by one, turn complaint's into requests so that communication can be re-established.  I teach family member's a language that restores safety, trust, peace and harmony so that families actually enjoy being together.

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Athletes have an uncanny ability to overtrain their body and undertrain, or even ignore, the value of their mind.


I've worked with athletes of all ages and ability, teaching them about the power of mindfulness in sport and how they can use current findings in neuroscience to influence brain states that can actually enhance performance and overall well-being and health.

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